Elise is fantastic!! She’s helping me navigate some issues with my kids. She’s patient and great at what she does!!! A+++++
— Stacey 43, Attorney
So I just had a “what would Elise do moment”  My screaming 4 year old was throwing a WHOPPER of a tantrum ( and quite the spectacle in his tighty whities running around the house).  Your advice works beautifully...I want to let you know that you are the S**T!!!!  Thank you so much for all that you do and all of your life lessons that you share.
— Shari 41, Marketing
You are truly so talented. Your guidance and knowledge are invaluable for all the parents out there. The steps you showed me yesterday absolutely changed the tone in my house immediately. It was amazing to see everyone’s attitude. No anger. Just COMPASSION! Thank you! Now to take that with me daily. And that was all over the phone!
— Amy 50, Advertising
For those that do not know Elise Levine Montgomerie, you should get to know her. Not only does she have an incredible story of her own, she needs to be cloned for every couple and/or family unit. Her passion and coaching is simply invaluable, tenfold over going to therapy/family counseling/couple counseling etc. She is our light of strength, hope, and growth in our family unit, and I am grateful that she is part of our family team and support.
— Dana 40, Personal Trainer
Elise took her time when meeting with us during the assessment and the follow-up session. Her attention to details that a less experienced person would have missed was obvious from the outset. Her invaluable life lessons and coaching are sure to help bring about the change which we retained her to help facilitate.
— Catherine 42, School Teacher
She really listens to what you have to say, and gives you very definite instructions to what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals and then she explains the reasons why you need to do this. I think she is amazing.
— Marcie 50, Public Service
I’ve been thinking about our amazing last session. Such a life changer for me. You are an excellent life coach.
— Catherine 42, School Teacher
Elise Montgomerie was very helpful in assisting me to verbalize then formalize my goals in writing concerning both business and personal matters. Then Ms. Montgomerie established a plan to achieve them and assisted me along the way with follow up. Her unique approach, quality ideas and guidance have helped immensely. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve their personal life, relationships and business. Not only were her services exceptional but you can see she enjoys the whole process of helping others define and reach their goals.
— Greg 39, Accountant
Fantastic coach. No-nonsense approach- empathetic but not a Nannie. Makes you work. In our first week together, I lost nine lbs on a nutrition plan causing me to think clearer and sleep better. My athletic performance also improved. Not a diet but a permanent lifestyle change. Now to start tacking other goals!
— Jeff 55, Neurosurgeon
This program really works. I have gone from frantic to in-control after only two sessions. It is nice to feel like I am working toward what’s important instead of always scrambling to stay afloat.
— Elana 51, Artist
I have gotten more in 5 weeks of life coaching with you than a lifetime of therapy. Thank you.
— Alyssa 42, Human Resources
Thank you so much being for the incredible friend and coach that you are! Honestly Elise, I could have never gotten to this point (starting line) without you holding my hand and your constant encouragement ....you are AWESOME, an angel, truly. I love you with all my heart and soooo appreciate you as an incredible human being.
— Sheila 55, Mother
I highly recommend Elise for children issues.
— Maria, 40 Mother
We can’t believe the changes we have seen in our 3 year old son in only 1 session. Thank you Elise.
— Brian and Avery, 30 & 28 Father and Mother
You can do it! Just stick with it. You can get your life back with control of your kids!
— T.L, Mother of two children aged 2.5 & 6
It’s a very useful program It’s nice to learn how other parents deal with their kids and what tips are needed to work as a team.
— O.M, Mother of 2.5 year old