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If you are done struggling and are committed to restoring peace in your family then join me as I guide you, and many other parents just like you, down the right path in our life changing, customized program, Happy Family in 90 Days.

As a Strategic Intervention Life coach & parenting coach, I use my no-nonsense, give-it-to-you-straight approach to help you get to the core of your family’s issues and transform your household for the better. My unique and effective take on parenting has helped many families finally understand what their children are trying to tell them through their less than ideal behavior. My program will help pick up the pieces when nothing else has worked and teach you how to enjoy connected parenting rather than constantly arguing with the ones you love most.

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“We can’t believe the changes we have seen in our 3 year old son in only 1 session. Thank you Elise.

— Brian and Avery, 30 & 28 Father and Mother

“For those that do not know Elise Levine Montgomerie, you should get to know her. Not only does she have an incredible story of her own, she needs to be cloned for every couple and/or family unit. Her passion and coaching is simply invaluable, tenfold over going to therapy/family counseling/couple counseling etc. She is our light of strength, hope, and growth in our family unit, and I am grateful that she is part of our family team and support.

— Dana 40, Personal Trainer