How to help your child talk to their teacher


Recently my daughter received a "not so hot" grade on a couple of her homework assignments.  One of which was in her strongest subject. I was shocked because she is pretty smart. I’m not just saying that because she is my child. Trust me, I’m not that mom. Anyway, it was not so much the bad grade she received that I was upset about, it was her lack of movement towards a solution that was disturbing.

I asked why she didn’t go for help. She gave me many excuses. Finally I said: “My love, if you try but still receive a bad grade I don’t mind, but if you never talk to the teacher to figure out what the problem is, I will be mad. You need to make sure you understand the material.” So she emailed her teacher and spoke with him. Yay, parent win!

It’s super important for our kiddos to learn how to advocate for themselves and make it known to the teacher that they are struggling. I’ve taught this to both of my kids. The sooner the better. In elementary school we did it together, but now in 7th grade, it’s up to my daughter to reach out!

Let me know if your kids are learning to self advocate!